Mission Statement

We're creating the ecosystem for 'an Internet of Rules' to simplify drafting, publication, access, auditing, and operationalization of rules for all.
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Our purpose is to enable a distributed, general purpose method for any person to author, publish, discover, fetch, scrutinize, prioritize and optionally automate normative rules on digital networks with precision, simplicity, scale, volume and speed.

This would enable context-senstitive event-triggered transmission of concise, current, personalized information about normative rules (MUST, MAY and SHOULD, and their synonyms and negatives) to data users (individuals, organizations and/or machines) through their diverse applications and platforms at a high level of granularity when they are ‘in effect’ for given dates/times, identities and jurisdictions, are ‘applicable’ to the scenario, and ‘invoked’ by circumstances. The resulting channel of communication is referred to as "an Internet of Rules".

The design of the DWDS RuleSchema is suitable for expressing any type of normative rule in natural but structured language, to simplify human-readability and comprehension of rules, while also enabling computer-executable operation on any computing platform or application, in any language and jurisdictional context.

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