Contributor Guidelines

We must empower people to understand:

  • Contribution
    • how to traverse information architecture
    • access task management
    • filter into appropriate project and role
    • gain access to relevant tools/data
    • know where to get help
    • how to utilize workflows
  • Representation
    • what communication channels exist, and use channels for appropriate purpose
    • organizational categories (ways meaning is defined in the organization 'as a project', e.g. structure / nomenclature)
    • articulate shared goals (includes specific shared goals at any level of input/output)
    • connect formal documents (RFCs, etc) to shared goals
    • connect informal documents (memes, etc) to shared goals
    • sort information based on organizational categories
    • how to flag relevant people/call attention to anomalous data and events
  • Governance
    • structure/governance type
    • submit proposals
    • conflict resolution


representation and governance serve to facilitate contribution. They are not outputs in their own right.

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