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Output 2: Rule Authoring Software Developer 05/04/2022
2.1 Rule Maker v3 Developer 05/04/2022



07:18 PM 2.1 Rule Maker v3 Bug #232: Unable to load a recent rule file
When I upload the rule, it seems to open fine. Are you working on the dev version of the application? Huda Hussain


06:37 PM 2.1 Rule Maker v3 Bug #228 (Feedback): "Save Copy of Rule to Local Machine" is Greyed Out
I believe I fixed this, sorry for the inconvience, there was a small bug pertaining to the lookup table that was caus... Huda Hussain


10:08 PM 2.1 Rule Maker v3 Bug #227 (New): Columns don't need to be shifted for lookup tables.
Huda Hussain
10:07 PM 2.1 Rule Maker v3 Bug #226 (New): Show loading bar when loading in array
Huda Hussain
10:03 PM 2.1 Rule Maker v3 Bug #225 (New): Add scrolling to both rows and columns in lookup table
Huda Hussain


06:42 PM 2.1 Rule Maker v3 Bug #216 (New): Make sure lookup table is exported to ietf standard.
Huda Hussain
06:39 PM 2.1 Rule Maker v3 Feature #215 (New): Create an optional window that shows the JSON window of lookup table/ logic gate
Huda Hussain


04:25 PM 2.1 Rule Maker v3 Bug #203 (New): Put logic gate/lookup table on same tab
Huda Hussain
04:25 PM 2.1 Rule Maker v3 Bug #201 (Feedback): The dev implementation has stopped retaining the user-set order of the syntactic elements of the sentences
I pushed out a fix, please let me know if the issue persists. Huda Hussain


04:15 PM 2.1 Rule Maker v3 Design #199: Move position of rule_group in the json output and on UI
I would appreciate feed back Huda Hussain

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