Recap of Last Meeting

  • Blog Post
  • DWDS presentation at Rules as Data panel
  • ERA Twitter
  • Calls with different groups - possible UAE / Dubai stakeholders and members

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Team Updates

  • Craig:

Links mentioned for Joseph:

Core Projects and Working Groups:

Core Projects Landing Page:

Core Projects Wiki - Management Framework:

DESTA (example of 'text as data' analysis):

  • Calvin:

    • on-boarding and scaling
    • Design Research Questions
  • Deja:

    • Twitter
    • NDVI
  • Joseph

    • two different ways of thinking about rules as data
    • making rules expressed in the form of data
    • rules as datasets
    • intersection: when people do nlp on rules, can analyze what rules are about, what they can't do is analysis of logic, conflict, incorporation by reference

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On the Horizon

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