Recap of Last Meeting

  • Craig: Draft a reply to ECPR
  • Identifying the characteristics of a communication channel
  • Bezier blog edits

Team Updates

  • Craig:
    • need to divide approach to rule maker into two areas
    • developer
    • rule author
    • what we are lacking in conversations:
    • value prop for bureaucrats, need clear plan and budget
  • Calvin:
    • Research Questions
  • Deja:
    • reaching out to folks about Lansat data
    • have meeting set up for next week
  • Joseph
    • call with owners of a farm -> interested in being an ERA pilot
    • next steps: assemble ndvi data for region
    • potentially follow up next Wednesday
    • Xalgorithms Iota call
    • Calvin set up call with farmer: documenting set of agreements


  • Blog post
  • Bring value prop of collaboration / impact/outcome/output structure to new website

On the Horizon

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