Recap of Last Meeting

  • Joseph: feedback from Ted: Sveldt updates significant to rm development. The on-boarding problem presented by react solved by Sveldt.

Team Updates

  • Craig: Meeting with Leychile
    • Call with Leychile team
    • Working to make every meeting have an output
    • Discussed rule patterns is data, metadata, core outputs
    • In order for Leychile to bring it forward, need to convince superiors
    • put forward approach show and tell workshop
      • produce complimentary article
    • Ted is very close to completing next version of rule maker
    • Having discussion about workflows
    • challenges of communications
      • forum?
      • Deja likes
      • need to consolidate channels
  • Calvin: Exploration of Redmine vs Gitlab Functions
  • Deja: Danielle's paper
  • Joseph:
    • European Consortium on Political Research is interested in a presentation on rules as data.
    • dissertation
    • Interrupt input output => lichen


  • What do people need support on?
    • Joseph send Deja notes on Danielle's paper
  • Craig need Bezier blog from deja

Oops -- here it is

On the Horizon

  • Craig: Draft a reply to ECPR
  • Identifying the characteristics of a communication channel
  • Bezier blog edits

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