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Special Category - Thread for a 'pinned post' RE new version of the paper

1/ Introducing the #Data With Direction Specification (#DWDS) v0.9.0.

The definitive @Xalgorithms resource.

#DataWithDirection #DWD #RulesasData #RaD #InternetofRules #IoR

2/ DWDS #RuleSchema is a concise #data model at the core of the Data With Direction specification. #DWDS

DWDS #RuleMaker, #RuleTaker and #RuleReserve are the three functional parts of a data-processing pipeline for sifting out IS + RULE --> OUGHT relations.

3/ @Xalgorithms Alliance participants are creating three reference implementations (developer / operator / modeller) on distinct platforms.

4/ The world lacked a scalable and efficient way to communicate obligation, permission or encouragement from 'rule-makers' (including you) to 'rule-takers' (including you).

5/ We noticed that data expressing MUST, MAY and SHOULD, their various negatives and synonyms, comprise a class of data with intrinsic directionality. These terms even have their own standards:

So we optimized a way for data-with-direction to be discovered and transmitted over the Internet in a form directly usable by non-specialized humans and machines, for any purpose, in any language. #DWDS

6/ #DWDS enables a wide diversity of potential use cases. Early collaborations involve cross-border trade, @Xalgo4Trade, monetary system integrity (#ERA), and dynamic indexed pricing, etc. All use cases and functional components together constitute an emergent #InternetofRules -- a name proposed by @jrpotvin in 2016

7/ Potvin, J. (2021). Data With Direction. Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of a Doctorate in Administration (Project Management). Université du Québec. Canada. Currently in review by examination jury. Licensed: CC-by 4.0 International.

8/ Text and Images are Licensed CC-BY 4.0 International. Computer programming code designed and developed as part of this work is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License (end-user applications) and the GNU Affero General Public License 3.0 (network infrastructure components).

9/ Or later versions of those same licenses.

For more information, visit:

Category 1 - About Xalgorithms, the model and people / community





100% #Free / #Libre / #Open

Visit the new @Xalgorithms website to learn about the #DataWithDirection Specification (#DWDS).

#RulesasData #InternetofRules #IoR

We are a decentralized community of contributors...

Learn more about the @Xalgorithms Foundation and Alliance of contributors on the #new @Xalgorithms website!

Let's Build!

With a complete end-to-end design, we're excited to share the #DataWithDirection specification, our work-in-progress reference implementations, and use cases in development under @Xalgorithms-hosted working groups.

We've Been Listening, Thinking, Building and Refining.

With a complete end-to-end design, we're excited to share the #DataWithDirection specification, our work-in-progress reference implementations, and use cases in development under @Xalgorithms-hosted working groups.


Do Your Best Work Here.

We seek contributors who face complexity, are motivated to discover intuitive solutions, and pursue mutual understanding, and advancement.

Get involved!


Build on Your Strengths

We need institutions to substantively review our work, to provide R&D funding, and to experiment with implementation.

Get involved!

Want to engage in substantive discussions on #RulesasData?

Join the @Xalgorithms email list!

What are @Xalgorithms contributors writing about?

Visit our blog for thought pieces:

Did you know that ideas bounce?

They do. Really!

Check out the community page on the #new @Xalgorithms website!

#RulesasData #community

How can you create a flexible, high tolerance brand for a decentralized #FreeSoftware community?

Learn how Calvin (@millennialglyph) has pulled this off with the #new @Xalgorithms identity!

#FOSS #Libre #Design #HeadlessBrand #OpenSource

"I get to write as I learn my way... for those reading, this is an invitation to join me and us."

Deja's (@dejachy) journey @Xalgorithms began here. Check out her #blog to learn about her role on the team and other contributors.

#GIS #Communications

Navigating #impostersyndrome, #tech, and #EarthReserve Assurance, check out Deja's (@dejachy) insights on what it means to be #BlackinTech and her work on #ERA!

#GIS #Communications

"My experience in the world of e-commerce throughout my final years of high school was formative to my understanding..."

Learn about Keith's (@keithdlt) journey to computational rules expression through #ecommerce!

#InternetofRules #IoR

Category 2 - About technical methods, approaches and philosophy

Expressions of obligation, permission or encouragement constitute a distinct class of data of the type:


Visit the new @Xalgorithms website to learn more!

The #Data With Direction Specification!

Instantaneously discover and transmit #RuleasData in a way that is directly usable by anyone and by any platform, for any purpose, in any language.

#DWDS #RulesasData

Learn more on the #new @Xalgorithms website!

Sequence diagrams Tweet

#DYK @Xalgorithms is developing three reference implementations? Check out the

"The Bezier Spline itself is a useful way to draw continuous curves by using a few simple equations..."

Deja's (@dejachy) diving headfirst into visualizing the #ERA index curve via @projectjupyter and @plotlygraphs.

Check out her blog on the @Xalgorithms website!

Category 3 - About use cases, research and development

Growing up in Canada’s port city of Halifax, #trade has always been a part of Craig's (@craigaatkinson) life.

Now, with @Xalgorithms @Xalgo4Trade, he’s on a mission to advance #rules and the #Internet for #tradefacilitation / #digitaltrade.


From an African village to working on global technologies?

Learn about Nhamo's curiosity in understanding functional structures and the path of a ‘natural data scientist’!

Wondering how #EarthReserve Assurance (#ERA) use case work @Xalgorithms is going?

Check out Deja's (@dejachy) updates on using #GIS to calculate normalized difference vegetation index (#NDVI) across #ecoregions!

Will, an undergraduate at @NorthwesternU, is working with @Xalgorithms and Northwestern's CCL to use an #economic #framework - #EarthReserveAssurance (#ERA) - that aligns both economic and #environmental incentives!

#agentbasedmodelling #ABM

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