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Need an HTTPS and an IPFS destination for (also .org and .net will point there)

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Presently I am documenting how to structure the ERA-ART NFTd launch as of 20 March 2022, and presently I want to start populating
I've figured out an essential 'how to' part of the discussed March 22 genuine launch of ERA. I am currently writing it up.
ERA-ART will be a particular NFT initiative within the ERA portfolio.

I own .org and .net. The lead one will be .io All three will point to the same location via HTTPS & IPFS. (How does one actually run any of this via IPFS?)

Calvin, can you please

  1. create an ERA-ART page, and
  2. somehow adapt the attached logo to a more refined 'feel'?



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What is ERA-ART?

ERA-ART is a type of performance art that has Earth as the medium of expression, at any scale.

World-wide there are 108 performance venue types corresponding to the Ecosystem Functional Groups (EFGs) described by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), in 25 biomes and 5 realms. Each ERA-ART venue type exhibits a representative interplay of biotic, abiotic, terrestrial, and aquatic characteristics. To a greater or lesser extent, homo sapiens is an instrinsic constituent of every venue and every montage.

The artistic merit of ERA-ART performances is found in numerous aspects of ecosystem integrity and resource availability. These are sometimes obvious, but are often subtle.

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ERA-ART has significance for speakers of romance languages. However it conflates some fundamental strategic objectives.

Here are the first things people should know about ERA NFTds:

  1. This is a novel NFT use-case.
  2. This novel use-case enables a market where project managers earn yield on improvements in Ricardian rent.

In a context where the primary NFT use-case is art speculation, having 'ART' in the name obscures the significance of this design. Most people will assume that this is another NFT intended for art speculation.

Moreover, there is a secondary argument we are making. Not only is this a novel use-case, this is also a use-case with greater significant than art speculation. Once again, having 'ART' in the name confuses what could otherwise be a straight-froward pitch.

Finally, ERA was designed to create incentives that motivate the undertaking of measurable improvement—even by those unsympathetic to environmental reasons. Similarly, most people interested in NFTs don't care about the 'artistic' merit of what they invest in. The NFT design incentivized people with no previous interest in art to become deeply involved in the subject because it enabled them to earn yield. The same thing will be the case with ERA. People will become knowledgeable in improving ecological integrity, not because they care about the environment, or the 'artistic' quality of the work, but because they intend to earn yield.

In fact, I suspect that for many it will be a relief to find an NFT market that is not connected to art.

We need to have the confidence to let ERA stand on its own.

This is not another project trying to hop on a trend. This is not another green-washing eco investment opportunity. This is a significant innovation that has been years in the making that is launching at exactly the right moment in time.

Publishing to IPFS is very easy—in fact far easier than launching a website via HTTPS, since there's no need to set up a hosting service or DNS routing. I believe Brave Browser has IPFS support. I'm not sure about others. There are also IPFS portals that you can access from traditional browsers. You can also access IPFS data from the command line—though you would then need to run the site locally.

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